Memory and storage for AI and analytics

Micron's technology is powering a new generation of faster, intelligent, global infrastructures that make mainstream artificial intelligence possible. Our fast, vast storage and high-performance, high-capacity memory and multi-chip packages power AI training and inference engines — whether in the cloud or embedded in mobile and edge devices. Micron innovation accelerates AI to enrich business and lives beyond what we can yet imagine.

Creating valuable patterns of insight to bring new knowledge

Check out the findings from the Micron-commissioned Forrester study covering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning architectures. 
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AI also means Accelerating Infrastructures

View this infographic for how flexible memory and storage are foundational for efficient AI infrastructure.

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Intelligence that’s making life smarter

Micron has the expertise and experience to optimize your AI/ML/DL systems with the right memory and storage solutions.

  1. Train your machines with data when and where you need it. Micron innovations in 3D NAND and high-performance, high-capacity storage and memory make our hardware a go-to solution for the fast and vast amounts of data it takes for effective machine learning.
  2. Boost big data with AI and fast memory and storage. Solid state drives can support massive bandwidth. Fast memory and storage let you get more data closer to processing engines for faster analytics.
  3. Smarten up edge devices. AI systems often need computing and data filtering at the network edge, pre-processing data prior to ingest. Intelligent edge-of-network devices need Micron’s high-performance and low-power memory.
  4. Get to the science of data management with Micron. Intelligent devices rely on more data to provide useful experiences, but they also create more data. Micron delivers the capacity and performance to handle the increasing data throughout the AI landscape.
  5. Supercharge your infrastructure. Micron has a broad portfolio of memory and storage for your AI workload-specific needs.

Our products for your AI solution.

Dram GDDR6 for automotive solutions. Address the enormous bandwidth demands of state-of-the art AD platforms.

A neural network’s decision-making algorithms require intensive mathematical processes and data analysis, both of which increase the need for faster memory and memory storage. This is especially important in the cloud at hyperscale data centers, where Micron GDDR devices perform key roles in compute-based performance data processing.

Designed for the data lakes that feed AI and machine learning, the Micron 5210 SSD accelerates analysis into action. Build your AI and machine learning programs for speed at an approachable price point for immense data sets — because machines can only learn as fast as they can read and analyze data, and real-time speed reading is key.

Micron 9300 PRO NVMe SSD
Access and process massive amounts of data at sustained speeds of 3.5 GB/s, for both sequential reads and writes, with the high-capacity and accelerated performance of the Micron 9300 series of NVMe™ SSDs.
Our automotive LPDDR memory solutions are perfect for instrument cluster, infotainment and ADAS solutions.

Micron's advanced DRAM solutions offer high-performance memory solutions that allow you to scale each compute server in your solution to help increase overall system performance during the transformation process. Our innovations in low power, high capacity memory for edge storage devices enables the AI/ML to be deployed out in the field.

Formerly FWDNXT, Micron's AI Inference Engine is a Deep Learning Accelorator, with a modular FPGA based arcitecture.

Our state-of-the-art Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA) solutions comprise a modular FPGA-based architecture with Micron's advanced memory solutions running Micron's (formerly FWDNXT) high-performance Inference Engine for neural network.