Design tools

DRAM power calculator

Whether it is calculating battery life for a portable application, planning cooling for a desktop, or determining the power supply for a server, an accurate power budget for the memory is essential.

That's why we've created the Micron system power calculator for all of our SDRAM devices. A system designer can use these models to accurately approximate the power requirements of SDRAM devices in a system environment, as well as experiment with various memory access schemes to determine the affect on power consumption.

These tools provide an easy method for estimating the memory power requirements needed in making important system architecture and design decisions. With an accurate estimation of power consumption, the system designer can quickly handle complex system trade-offs to optimize the system performance.

*This spreadsheet is for estimating purposes only. Any information provided herein is provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind. Micron warrants only that its products comply with micron's specification sheet for the product at the time of delivery; provided that deviations from specifications which do not materially affect form, fit or function of such product in the system and configuration in or for which it is initially installed or qualified by customer shall not be deemed to constitute failure to comply with such specifications.