Micron Technology enables rich, data-driven experiences everywhere

People and enterprises need to stay consistently ahead of the incredible growth of their data. Micron's next-generation 1β (1-beta) DRAM and 232-layer 3D NAND, along with leading-edge current-generation 1α (1-alpha) DRAM and 176-layer NAND, enable organizations around the globe to unleash incredibly rich data experiences and unbridled productivity.

Micron memory expansion module using CXL™

The Micron CZ120 module using Compute Express Link™ (CXL) enables memory expansion and ultimately disaggregation of compute, memory and storage. This flexibility will allow for memory expansion to drive up workload performance and drive costs down with new system architectures through the application of memory and storage hierarchies. Micron is your trusted partner for memory and storage solutions.

Micron memory module using CXL

The era of pervasive, data-driven experiences

Micron's view's from Computex 2022 on how new innovations across the data center, the intelligent edge and a broadening array of devices enable the emerging world of rich, pervasive, data-driven experiences. These experiences will transform the way we live and work.

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Micron’s engagement in Taiwan

As the largest foreign investor in Taiwan, Micron sustains a significant manufacturing presence and deep engagements with the technology ecosystem. Watch the spotlight from our President and CEO, Sanjay Mehrotra on some of the investments and collaborations that fuel our future growth in the region.

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Advancing consumer technology

Dinesh Bahal, Micron’s Commercial and Components Group (CCG) corporate vice president and general manager, will share his views on how Micron’s Commercial Products Group (CPG) has engaged customers with leading Crucial products over their 25-year history. He will also discuss what lies ahead for DDR5 memory, next generation storage technologies, and the role Crucial memory and storage products play in the computing ecosystem.

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Industry leaders share insights on emerging technologies and data-driven customer experiences.

Implementing digital innovation in Micron data centers

Micron’s Koen De Backer shares examples of and benefits derived from smart infrastructure and AR technologies at Micron manufacturing sites.

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