Micron 9550

Micron unveils the 9550 as the world's fastest data center SSD. Designed to enhance the speed of AI workloads the 9550 leaves competitors behind.


Markets & Industries

Memory and storage technology for industrial IoT

Micron's innovative portfolio of memory and storage technology helps create "smarter" IoT (internet of things) devices and supports a wide assortment of industries with an array of options. In addition, Micron devices work with a variety of applications like IoT gateways and edge servers, industrial automation, aerospace and defense and video security.


Advancing data center storage

Micron's advanced NAND-based data center SSDs deliver extensive capacity and deployment options that enable flexible solution design for a variety of data center workloads. The world’s first 200+ layer data center SSD, the Micron 6500 ION NVMe™ SSD, delivers best-in-class performance, features 30.72TB of storage and enhanced security capabilities. For unparalleled speed, the world's fastest data center SSD, the Micron 9550 NVMe™ SSD, delivers superior PCIe® Gen5 performance, flexibility and security — for AI and beyond.

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