MLC NAND Flash Memory

IBM and Micron form strategic flash collaboration

Technology collaboration benefits IBM FlashSystem storage array

We’ve joined forces with IBM to take IBM FlashSystem™ V9000 and 900 storage arrays to levels of performance never seen before—without asking their customers to compromise endurance or break the bank. We did this by working closely with IBM engineers to tightly integrate IBM FlashCore™ technology with Micron’s FortisFlash multilevel cell (MLC) NAND technology. It is through this unique engineer-to-engineer collaboration that helps IBM to raise the bar with all-flash innovation and differentiation, allowing IBM FlashSystem™ customers to take full advantage of MLC NAND flash memory’s density and cost benefits.

FortisFlash collaboration

IBM FlashSystem™ gains

Through collaboration with Micron, IBM FlashSystem™ arrays were able to transition from enterprise MLC (eMLC) to Micron’s FortisFlash technology, which helped IBM engineers avoid significant cost increases while still gaining increased endurance, boosted performance, and increased capacity by 40%.

Storage alliance

As a member of our Micron Valued Partner (MVP) program, IBM receives strategic and collaborative engineering support from our memory and storage experts. Find out how we can help your company gain a true competitive advantage with in-depth memory and storage support.

Why IBM chose Micron

IBM chose to collaborate with Micron thanks to the unique capabilities of our FortisFlash technology—but also for our hands-on engineering support and industry-leading technology expertise. Because implementing a flash solution is complex, IBM knew that their end product could gain significant performance, efficiency, and overall value from our in-depth knowledge of the NAND flash device as well as our ability to “tune” the device to their specifications. Collaboration to get their solution just right—just made sense.

“Through our relationship with Micron, IBM has been able to enhance the capacity, performance, and reliability of our FlashSystem™ arrays. This collaboration between industry leaders will enable enterprises of all sizes around the world to benefit from the power and cost savings of fully integrated and highly optimized all-flash enterprise storage solutions.”

Mike Kuhn
Vice President of Flash Systems at IBM 

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Micron FortisFlash technology is no ordinary MLC

Micron’s FortisFlash technology delivers these benefits to enterprise application developers


Boost performance with the ability to switch to high-speed single-level cell (SLC) mode on demand.


Benefit from enterprise workload and use-case optimization with access to the unique, programmable features of the underlying flash technology.


Deliver enterprise-class reliability for the long haul thanks to enhanced read optimization features combined with IBM’s error management techniques.

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