1α DRAM technology

Breakthrough bit density. Improved power savings. Enhanced performance. Micron demonstrates its innovation with advanced DRAM process technology: 1α node.

Pioneering technology

At the scale of 1α, physics makes conventional photolithography all but impossible. To deliver industry leading node advancement, Micron pioneered a nanomanufacturing process that combines computational lithography and multiple patterning to circumvent inherent lithographic limitations and deliver the world's first 1α node.

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Improved memory density

Micron's leading 1α DRAM significantly improves memory density over our previous-generation technology, providing the capacity to feed data-hungry applications and improve performance in everything from mobile devices and smart vehicles to the data center, industrial edge and beyond.

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Enhanced energy efficiency

Micron's 1α DRAM technology enables lower-power mobile DRAM and provides fast LPDDR5 operating speeds for mobile platforms that require no-compromise LPDRAM performance.

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improvements in memory density when compared to Microns previous 1z DRAM node.

power savings when compared to the previous 1z generation of Micron's mobile DRAM.

densities supported by Micon's 1α node.

Thy Tran on Micron's 1α process technology

It's one thing to build something that's big and recognizable, like a car or house. It's quite another to build something so small that billions can fit in an area the size of a fingernail. This latter process, called nanomanufacturing, is how Micron fabricates memory chips — and in 2020, we unveiled what was then the world's most advanced nanomanufacturing technology called 1α (1-alpha). Watch Thy Tran, vice president of DRAM Process Integration at Micron, explain what makes our 1α DRAM process technology truly amazing and how she and her global Micron team took 1α from concept to high-volume manufacturing in record time.

Thy Tran on Micron's 1α Process Technology video

Inside 1α — Micron's advanced DRAM process technology

In early 2021, Micron announced volume shipment of memory chips built using what was then the world's most advanced DRAM process technology. Called 1α (1-alpha), this manufacturing technology offers significant improvements in bit density, energy efficiency and performance. Read this article to discover what 1α is and why it represents a major leap forward in nanomanufacturing technology.

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