Aurora A1000 and Micron module

Astera Labs and Micron enabling best-in-class CXL solutions

Astera Labs’ Leo CXL® Smart Memory Controller using Micron’s DDR5 5600 memory modules delivers industry-leading performance. Validating this integrated solution accelerates CXL adoption by cloud service providers and hyperscalers.

Astera Labs’ Leo CXL® Smart Memory Controller completes Interop with Micron DDR5 RDIMMs

Micron and Astera Labs have implemented the Micron/CXL vendor partner program to ensure efficient deployment of CXL and scaling of Micron’s RDIMM solutions. The program has three phased steps:

1. Functional validation
2. Tuning for DRAM operations and for performance
3. Compatibility testing

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Micron and Astera Labs pave the way for industry-leading CXL performance

Astera Labs is delivering industry-first CXL interop with DDR5-5600 memory modules on its Leo CXL Smart Memory Controller. Leo has been engineered to provide the highest Micron DDR5 memory data rates on PCIe 5.0-enabled systems. The integrated solution delivers high performance for cloud and AI infrastructure.

Micron CXL Astera ddr5

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