Celebrating our people and progress in Micron’s annual diversity, equality and inclusion report

April Arnzen | March 2023

At Micron, diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) is a foundation of our business. A diverse global team member population accelerates our innovation as we deliver world-class technology and products to our customers.

I am excited to share our 2022 annual DEI report, We Are Micron. It presents our strategy and our significant achievements to promote an inclusive and diverse culture within Micron. It also outlines areas where we still have more work to do.

As I reflect on our DEI journey in fiscal year 2022 (FY22), I am proud of our ongoing efforts to advance the six DEI commitments that drive how we do business. I'm excited to share that we are expanding our advocacy commitment to include gender equality, formalizing work we’ve been doing for the last several years — work that has allowed us to increase the number of women in leadership and technical roles for the fourth year in a row. Additional highlights for me this year were the acceleration of our U.S. veteran hiring and the growing strength of our employee resource groups (ERGs). More than 18,000 Micron team members around the world belong to at least one ERG — up 47% from FY21.

Here are some of Micron’s most notable FY22 DEI accomplishments:

  • The number of our women named on original patent applications rose 10% from FY21.
  • Veteran hiring increased for the fourth year in a row to 9% of our U.S. workforce.
  • Micron was recognized by the engineering deans of Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) as a top supporter of these institutions.
  • We achieved $454 million in our supplier diversity spend, exceeding our $404 million goal. 42% of our diverse supplier spend is with women-owned businesses in Asia.
  • Micron’s inclusion index score increased for the third year in a row to 86%.
  • Our ERG team members – 18,000 strong – comprised 39% of our workforce.

Learn more about our progress in this video featuring Micron Vice President and Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer Fran Dillard, who shares her vision of DEI at Micron along with our FY22 highlights:

Fran Dillard, Micron vice president and chief diversity inclusion officer Fran Dillard, Micron vice president and chief diversity inclusion officer

I am proud that we continue to make progress on our DEI commitments, but I recognize that we have miles to go on our journey. The only way we will continue to increase representation around the world is to maintain a determined commitment to DEI, and I believe Micron’s tenacity and focus will help us get there.

EVP and Chief People Officer

April Arnzen

April Arnzen is executive vice president and chief people officer at Micron Technology. She also serves as president of the Micron Foundation. She leads Micron’s people strategy with a focus on inspiring a culture that embraces performance, growth and inclusion for our global diverse workforce. Arnzen has led the transformation of many of Micron’s people programs and is passionate about strengthening DEI at Micron and in the communities where we live and work.