Micron 9300 SSD with NVMe™ for Flexible, Fast Deployment

The Universe Is Expanding — So Should Your NVMe Storage

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Massive mission-critical workloads. Big data growth. Cloud and hyperscale applications. Demand for real-time analytics.

These issues define the data economy, demanding revolutionary storage innovation to accelerate business insight, putting solid state drives (SSDs) at the forefront of performant primary enterprise storage.

Micron’s 9300 series of PCIe SSD with NVMe™ brings high capacity and streamlined results to your demanding workloads.

Engineered to accelerate massive data sets and analytics, the Micron® 9300 series brings more of your data closer to the CPUs to empower business insights and decision making.

Micron’s 9300 series of SSDs with NVMe expands our top capacity drive 40 percent (to 15TB) over our previous generation SSDs with NVMe, and drives compelling cost efficiencies with the flexibility and capability data-intensive applications demand.

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Powerful Database Deployments: SQL and NoSQL

Top SQL database platforms manage high-capacity, high-bandwidth transaction-based applications for lightning-quick order entry and management, advanced data analytics, e-commerce and real-time order management systems. NoSQL may be the platform of choice for tagging with metadata, reading and managing user profiles and reading status updates and managing user activity.

Versatile and Scalable Ceph® Storage: Block and Object

The rapid growth of the data economy places continuously larger demands on enterprise storage. Infrastructure technology enhancements like high-IOPS block and immense throughput object storage (for structured and unstructured data) delivers the solution to those demands. Ranging between 3.2TB to 15.34TB, the Micron 9300 SSD series satisfies even the most storage-hungry Ceph® storage use cases.

Namespaces, Multiple Applications: One SSD 

Configurability and manageability drive nonvolatile storage versatility.

With up to 32 namespaces, 9300 series SSDs can easily handle multi-tenancy deployments in hyperscale data center and cloud infrastructures—improving elasticity and utilization for a broad range of applications that will thrive on their granular, purpose-built capacity tuning.

NVMe’s protocol efficiency brings the data in those namespaces closer to your CPUs with short data paths, fast turnaround times and near real-time results.

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Visit www.micron.com to learn more about the 9300 series of SSDs with NVMe. Contact our Samples Center to evaluate the 9300 in your environment.