Math Fun d’Mentals, a family math night event

A key element to raising student achievement is getting parents more involved in their child's education. Math Fun d'Mentals is a kit developed by the Micron Foundation designed to be used at Family Math night events rather than for classroom use. The aim is to bring parents and their students together to work on fun games and activities that reinforce critical math and problem-solving skills. The kit includes everything a school or parent organization needs to host an event, including a how-to handbook, CD with activity handout files, and manipulatives, game boards and books. Organizations are asked to provide their own volunteers, activity printouts and m&m’s®.

  • View a presentation about Math Fun d'Mentals and how to use the materials at your school.
  • Share the Math Fun d'Mentals brochure with your school.
  • Preview the Math Fun d’Mentals activities and how-to guide by requesting a CD of materials from the Micron Foundation.
  • Visit Micron’s Math in the Workplace page for real-world examples of how math is used in a variety of careers.
  • Still have questions? Read the Math Fun d’Mentals Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Reserve a Math Fun d’Mentals Kit
  • Math Fun d’Mental kits are available for Treasure Valley Schools through the Micron Foundation. To reserve a kit through the Micron Foundation, submit your request through the Micron K-12 activity request form.
  • Math Fun d’Mentals is also available in the Manassas, Virginia area. Contact SySTEMic Solutions for more information.

Idaho Math Initiative Adopts Micron's Math Fun d'Mentals Program
In 2009, the Idaho State Department of Education partnered with the Micron Foundation to distribute free Math Fun d'Mentals kits to school districts across the state. The effort is part of the Idaho Math Initiative, a comprehensive statewide effort to improve student achievement in mathematics. 

  • As part of the Idaho Math Initiative, schools and parent organizations throughout Idaho can contact their Idaho school district (see contact list within link) to reserve a Math Fun d’Mentals kit.