Mike Bokan appointed and promoted as new Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Mike BokanMicron Technology Inc. announced today that the company has appointed Mike Bokan as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, effective Oct. 1, 2018. Bokan succeeds Steve Thorsen, who is retiring from Micron after 30 years with the company but will remain as an adviser through early November 2018 to ensure a smooth transition. Bokan is being promoted to senior vice president and will report directly to Micron President and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra.

“Mike has been a great part of our sales leadership team,” Mehrotra said. “He has developed deep and trusted relationships with our OEM and hyperscale customers, as well as with our distribution partners. This is a natural next step for him, and we look forward to his leadership in driving our sales organization.”

Micron is pleased to appoint and promote Mike Bokan into his new role and excited to have his leadership and vision as we continue to accelerate Micron's technology position and the delivery of new and innovative products to our customers.

Mike Bokan background

Mike Bokan joined the company in 1996 and held various sales management positions before moving to Micron’s Crucial division, where he eventually became general manager. In 2003, Bokan took on the role of director of Sales for Micron Technology. In 2007 he was promoted to senior director of Sales before becoming vice president of Worldwide OEM Sales in 2008 and corporate vice president of Worldwide Sales in 2018. Prior to Micron, Mr. Bokan worked in the medical industry in various sales, management and organizational development capacities.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is being announced?

A: Micron has appointed Mike Bokan as the company’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales. Bokan will succeed Steve Thorsen, who is retiring from Micron.

Q: When is this change effective?

A: This executive transition is effective Oct. 1, 2018.

Q: Why was Mike Bokan chosen for the role?

A: After a thorough review process that included both internal and external candidates, Mike Bokan was chosen for the role because he has had a strong career progression at Micron and has been on a succession path for this role. He brings a great combination of sales expertise and executive experience to Micron and has a strong track record of achieving outstanding results and delivering solutions critical to our customers. This is a natural next step for him, and we look forward to his leadership in driving our Sales organization.

Q: Why is Steve Thorsen leaving Micron now when the company is doing so well?

A: Steve Thorsen has been dedicated to Micron’s success positioning the company for continued strong growth. He has decided that it is a good time to retire but has agreed to stay as an adviser until early November 2018 to ensure a seamless and effective transition.

Q: Do you anticipate major changes in direction for Micron with Mike Bokan’s promotion?

A: No, we do not expect any major changes in direction for the company. Bokan will continue focusing on the company’s priorities, including broadening Micron’s market reach as memory and storage become increasingly critical to our customers.

Q: Where is Mike Bokan located?

A. Mike Bokan is located at Micron’s corporate headquarters in Boise, Idaho.