Micron Proudly Reports 50% Gender Representation on Board of Directors

By Michelle Hicks - 2021-03-18

Micron was pleased to announce that we've achieved 50% female representation on our board of directors and welcomed the opportunity to highlight our board’s representation during Women's History Month.

Women's History Month is a time to honor and celebrate the women who drive our vision of “transforming how the world uses information to enrich life for all.” This year was no exception.

We are thrilled to honor and celebrate our female directors: MaryAnn Wright, Mary Pat McCarthy, Lynn Dugle, and our newest board member, Linnie Haynesworth.

During our March 8 International Women’s Day celebrations, these capable women shared their personal anecdotes and words of wisdom — giving 40,000 team members unprecedented access to an elite group of executives.

We captured a few of these insights to share with you:

MaryAnn Wright on the importance of STEM initiatives

Additional insights: MaryAnn Wright on being inclusive

Linnie Haynesworth on failures

Additional insights: Linnie Haynesworth on mentorship

Mary Pat McCarthy on Mentorship

Additional insights: Mary Pat McCarthy on doing the right thing

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Michelle Hicks

Michelle Hicks is manager of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Operations and supports the DEI function within Human Resources, touching all aspects of the business, particularly attracting and supporting a diverse and talented global workforce. Michelle is an award-winning communicator, passionate about sharing Micron employee stories for better understanding.