One Plus One Equals Three – Micron and Lightbits Labs

By Eran Kirzner - 2021-06-07

We all have our favorite things, or things we think are good on their own. Sometimes, when you put two things together you get something that is even better than either of the two components alone. Things that come to mind are peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and peanut butter or if you’re in Israel like me it might even be hummus and pita!

Micron and Lightbits are a lot like the examples above – they are better together. Micron specializes in various solutions but excels with a wide and growing portfolio of NVMe SSDs that are fast, power-efficient and affordable. They also developed an open source, key-value store software layer called Heterogeneous-Memory Storage Engine (HSE) that takes a good thing -- Micron SSDs -- and makes them better for select databases. It does so by optimizing IO to improve performance, endurance and latency consistency.

Lightbits makes LightOS™, a software defined storage product that provides high performance, scalable block storage that’s easy to consume and helps lower cost. LightOS is fast, powerful and affordable. Moreover, LightOS extends the life of SSDs, provides more consistent performance, and improves your application performance - sound familiar?

Micron and Lightbits have worked together in the past so we agreed to test these things together with MongoDB. Since the perceived benefit of both solutions (HSE and LightOS) was to increase endurance, improve performance and optimize latency consistency, we wondered how they would interact. You can see the results for yourself here, but let’s just say it was definitely better together.

This paper is an example where Lightbits and Micron work together to make the whole solution greater than the sum of its parts. Not every application can take advantage of HSE, but any application utilizing block storage can take advantage of Micron NVMe SSDs and LightOS together. Micron NVMe SSDs are great and LightOS is great; put them together and just - Wow! You get a replacement for traditional SAN that works on regular Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols yet performs like (or better) than local NVMe flash!

If you can’t spell SAN - that’s OK! Lightbits and Micron fully support modern application environments like Kubernetes. Micron SSDs give you great value and performance that modern container applications crave while LightOS gives you rich data services, manageability, and block virtualization. The two together improve efficiency and performance while lowering cost.

As Micron continues to drive innovation and provide SSDs that are higher density, lower cost and/or higher performance, you can bet that Lightbits will continue to enhance LightOS as well. Lightbits and Micron will continue to work together toward enhancing each other’s strengths - sharing knowledge, testing solutions and ensuring that LightOS and Micron SSDs continue to offer higher performance, lower cost and more overall value to you, our joint customers.

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Eran Kirzner

CEO, Lightbits Labs Inc.

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