People Make Micron in Singapore a Great Place To Work

By David Seah - 2021-01-26

Chen Kok Sing, Frontend Manufacturing Corporate Vice President and Singapore Country Manager, on stage with Josephine Teo, Minister for Manpower, Singapore

As a professional with more than 20 years of work experience, I believe I know a thing or two about what makes a company a great place to work. There are many factors, of course. Sometimes it is about the country where the firm is located. It can also be about investment into the underlying company infrastructure. Another important point is benefits and compensation.

But, in my humble opinion, there is only one indisputable factor that underpins what makes a company a great place. That is its people.

Great people make great workplaces

It’s a simple view, but powerful for many reasons. Employees can influence business outcomes and shape the firm. They create the systems that empower, that harness existing ideas and turn them into innovation. People are in the position to lead and push the firm toward greater achievements. Ultimately, it’s the managers and leaders who create a desirable work culture that attracts a cohesive team of like-minded individuals to build and achieve goals bigger than themselves.

While many workplaces highlight how welcoming and inclusive they are, I am proud that we aren’t just talking about it; we’re also certified as a great workplace by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Micron Team members attend the hybrid event virtually in the background screen

Team members attend the hybrid event virtually in the background screen

Micron rises in rank

For the second year in a row, we have been certified as a “great place to work.” In Singapore, only companies in the top 10 qualify. While we placed ninth last year, this year we have risen in the ranks and achieved seventh place, with a whopping 87% of employees who attest that Micron in Singapore is a great place to work. A nearly perfect score of 97% of employees say this is a physically safe place to work, which in a pandemic year is no small feat. And 94% of our people say they are treated fairly regardless of their gender.

Hard work and effort are rewarded

I am sure 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, given the shift to the new normal, but there has been a silver lining. For Micron in Singapore, we have bonded even stronger as a team to grown stronger together. We created a task force during Chinese New Year 2020, converging team members from many organizations within Micron to create a roadmap for the company to operate safely in the new normal. This effort included ensuring the safety of essential staff in the crucial early months.

As someone who has been with the company all my career and seen the company through ups and downs and a variety of transformations and reorganizations, I can attest that it’s our people who make Micron great. While this has always been the case, our reaction to the pandemic underscored just how the team harnessed camaraderie to pull through together.

I am also proud to say that it isn’t just Micron in Singapore that’s been certified. Several Micron sites around the world, including the U.S. and Greater China, have also been certified. This recognition highlights that Micron is consistent in the way we use our greatest asset, our people.

The certification is another testament to what makes us at Micron in Singapore — and around the world — a family. Micron is a place where people care for each other and stick to the values we espouse, which is that we care about each other.

*GPTW awards ceremony held was in line with Singapore Government's safety management measures.

**Photo credit for all photos: Great Place To Work

David Seah

David Seah is director and HR business partner for Micron in Singapore. He believes people are the lifeline to any company’s success.