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Melissa Uribe on Automotive Functional Safety

By Rebecca Lewington - 2021-02-24

More than a million people are killed every year in automobile “accidents,” and we’d like that number to go down when we take humans out of the loop. The powerful computers that run autonomous vehicles make a constant stream of life-or-death decisions. Obviously, we don’t want these computers to go wrong. Or more precisely, when they do go wrong, we really, really don’t want them to go wrong in unexpected ways that the vehicle can’t deal with safely.

And this is where “functional safety” and my guest, Melissa Uribe, come in. She’s part of the team working to design the unpredictability out of our automotive memory chips so that they can be built into vehicles that meet the industry’s ASIL D requirement for one failure per 10,000 years of operation! The last Ice Age ended about that long ago. Now that’s what I call safe.

How is this feat achieved? You’ll just have to listen.

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Rebecca Lewington

Rebecca Lewington

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