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Giorgio Scuro on Micron’s First 30 Years of Automotive Technology Leadership

By Rebecca Lewington - 2021-05-27

When Micron entered the automotive memory market in 1991, cars were relatively simple analog machines. Thirty years later, we’re the clear market leader. But we’re just getting started, as cars evolve into autonomous supercomputers on wheels.

In that time, we’ve gone from tens of kilobytes of data hardware per vehicle to terabytes! That means our obsessive quality mindset is more important than ever for engineering the rugged memory and storage devices that our customers rely on.

I was lucky enough to have Giorgio Scuro, who leads our global automotive team, help me explore the past, present and future of automotive memory technology. He’s been in this field for longer than Micron has existed and his passion for all things automotive shines through.

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Rebecca Lewington

Rebecca Lewington

Technology Evangelist, Global Corporate Marketing and Corporate Communications
Rebecca is responsible for telling Micron’s technology story to show how fractally innovative our people are and how we’re enabling the world to harness data to accelerate exploration and discovery. Based in California, she holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of London and has been granted 15 patents in the field of semiconductor plasma etch manufacturing systems.