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Lance Dover on Building Trust Into the IoT With Micron Authenta™ Flash Technology

By Rebecca Lewington - 2020-10-27

The inconvenient truth is that we’re not winning the security war. Attackers are more innovative and more well-funded than ever before. And every new IoT device creates new vulnerabilities, new weak spots.

Lance’s mission is to eliminate those weak spots by building cryptographic security primitives directly into flash memory devices at the silicon level to create chains of trust all the way from the edge to the cloud. As Lance puts it “Having a strong root of trust for protecting content and keys in silicon is a good thing.”

What I think he means is that we’ve found a way to make insecure things secure. Micron’s Authenta technology can protect the integrity of any IoT device that has a flash memory chip, which almost all IoT devices have. Authenta works by monitoring and safeguarding the software that runs from that chip.

Lance’s name is on the patents, so he seemed like the right person to ask to find out more.


A great example of what this technology enables is the collaboration we just announced with Tata Communications, introducing – I’m quoting here – “the world’s first cloud-based embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM) for IoT devices.” This card uses Authenta to provide hardware root of trust to enable secure, zero-touch onboarding for IoT devices of all kinds at massive scale.

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Rebecca Lewington

Rebecca Lewington

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