Micron Recognized as an Innovation Leader

By Naga Chandrasekaran - 2020-11-05

I was pleased to learn that Micron Technology was recently included on the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators list. This 2020 report by Clarivate Analytics confirms Micron’s position as an innovation leader and marks the eighth time Micron has received this prestigious recognition.

Criteria for being included on this list are rigorous. Derwent distilled the list from 14,000 organizations to the top 100 worldwide, and only companies with 100 granted patents over the last five years are considered. Additional criteria include the relative success a company has in achieving patent grants, the downstream impact of its patents on other organizations’ patents, and the global extent of a company’s patent portfolio. The top innovators on the Derwent list represent 145,000 inventions and more than $316 billion in research and development, generating $4.5 trillion in revenue.

Many Micron customers, peers and competitors are also recognized as innovators on the Derwent list. This underscores Micron’s need to push the envelope with our technology. Our memory solutions power the emerging technologies that are being implemented at lightning speed. We must be the most innovative memory and storage company because our customers expect it … need it … to be leaders in their own industries. Micron’s innovation powers our success and also paves the way for our customers’ success, transforming how the world uses information.

This transformation is what makes our work exciting. The semiconductor company that can deliver the most innovative memory solutions will come out on top with customers and become a leader in its own right.

As a Micron leader, I know innovation is our strategic differentiator. Having contributed to over 44,000 patents, Micron knows how to foster an innovative culture. Micron’s ranks are filled with hundreds of technical visionaries with thousands of innovations in the pipeline.

The Derwent recognition is significant because it is one measure of our technical innovation, but we need creativity in all areas of our business. Trade secrets, business process changes, efficiency improvements, operational improvements, talent acquisition, financial strength, supply chain efficiency, safety, sustainability and many other areas require daily innovation. To continue our success, we must expand our capacity to innovate in all areas and apply the new tools and technologies available to us — as well as new technologies that haven’t yet been invented.

Thank you to Clarivate Analytics for including Micron among the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators 2020 and recognizing Micron’s commitment to innovation.

Naga Chandrasekaran

Naga Chandrasekaran

Naga Chandrasekaran, Micron’s senior vice president of Technology Development, leads device, silicon integration, process and package technology development for all memory and nonmemory products. Dr. Chandrasekaran also manages corporate characterization labs, advanced data science and AI/ML development activities for product development, mask technology and R&D fabrication operations at the Boise, Idaho, headquarters.