Micron Named 2020 Best Workplace in Taiwan

By Corporate Communications - 2020-11-13

In 2018 and 2019, Micron Technology was recognized among the great places to work in Greater China by the Great Place to Work (GPTW) Institute. This year, Micron is proud to be on the GPTW’s 10 Best Workplaces in Taiwan list.

The designation is based on results of a survey that assesses employees perspectives on leadership, organizational culture and trust. To be considered a best workplace in Taiwan, participating companies must score at least 70% in the overall survey results.

“We are honored and proud to be recognized as a best workplace in Taiwan. The recognition underscores Micron’s focus on diversity, equality and inclusion, compliance and ethics, and people," said KC Hsu, corporate vice president and Taiwan country manager at Micron Technology. “People have always been our greatest asset. We will continue building a diverse environment and support team members to grow with Micron."

Team members are the greatest asset for Micron's growth

This recognition attests to Micron's commitment to being a supportive workplace for its team members and its efforts to create a place where every team member can fully contribute to the innovation that fuels business success.

“Every team member at Micron is treated equally. Team members are proud to be a part of Micron," said Jessie Liu, director of North Asia HRBP Taiwan and HR country manager. “In this year’s selection, keeping employees motivated and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic was a critical evaluation benchmark. Micron’s commitment to securing team members’ safety and health as a top priority was highly recognized by the GPTW.”

In addition to organizing a variety of activities to care for and engage team members, Micron also launched a series of programs to give back to team members and the community during the pandemic this year. Undoubtedly, a number of these highlighted activities were included in team members’ responses to the GPTW survey:

  • Supporting team members' physical and mental health: Free services are available to all Micron Taiwan team members and their family members through the Employee Assistance Program. Micron Taiwan also contracts with daycare centers and on-site health care professionals to support team members.
  • Promoting work-life balance: Micron Taiwan organizes varied activities to inspire team members, such as year-end parties, a mid-autumn BBQ, family day, employee travel, talent competition, engineers day, marathon and more. Micron Taiwan also encourages team members to exercise and interact with each other through incentive programs.
  • Being committed to diversity, equality and inclusion: The new-hire percentage for female graduates in Taiwan increased from 31% in FY19 to 35% in FY20, even as the market pool is only around 22% for female engineering-related majors. The percentage for female leaders in Micron Taiwan increased from 15% in FY19 to 17% in FY20.
  • Expanding community support: In addition to the specific focus areas of gender, generation and disability in FY20, Micron added culture, foreign nations, ethnicity and LGBTQ+ as new focused areas in Taiwan for FY21. Micron wants to extend its caring scope and further contribute to society.

These diverse resources and activities were well received by team members in Taiwan who recognized that "this is a great place to work" and said so on their surveys.

We both support team members and fight the pandemic

To score at least 70% overall, Micron team members likely shared other efforts the company has taken to benefit employees and their communities during this challenging time.

Earlier this year, Micron announced plans to dedicate US$35 million to counter the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, Micron applied its full strength and resources to support communities in Taiwan while taking proactive measures to protect the health and safety of the team members. The following actions demonstrate Micron’s dedication:

  • Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for the team: Micron Taiwan’s office space, dining area and transportation vehicles were physically distanced to ensure team members safety. In addition, Micron provided team members with health packages, each of which included antibacterial spray, hand dryer and masks. Micron Taiwan continues dispatching medical masks to team members every week to secure team members’ health and safety while working on-site.
  • Making a one-time COVID-19 assistance payment to team members: Micron made a one-time COVID-19 assistance payment to team members, which also included Taiwan. This initiative reached over 80% of Micron Taiwan team members, providing them with a NT$15,000 assistance payment.
  • Amplifying that generosity with team members’ involvement: To encourage team members to increase their generosity to local communities in the fight against COVID-19, the Micron Foundation doubled its match (two-to-one) and raised the total employee-matched fund to US$8 million. Micron Taiwan initiated an employee-match fundraising project to support those underprivileged families in Taiwan through Taiwan Families and Children Foundation (TFCF). More than 1,000 team members raised more than US$8 million within two weeks, which demonstrates Micron Taiwan’s commitment and determination. It also reflects Micron’s “people” value.

Micron’s commitment to being a great workplace will continue

Recognition by the GPTW Institute is much appreciated, but it’s just the “icing on the cake.” Micron fully understands how its business success relies on its people, their tenacity, their collaboration and their innovation.

With more than 20 years and 8,000 team members in Taiwan, Micron continues building a diverse and inclusive work environment. It provides its team members with a global workplace culture, opportunities for advancement, equal compensation for male and female team members, and an environment that supports a work-life balance. Thanks, Great Place to Work Institute, for this designation!

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