Top 6 Ways to Have a Positive Influence and Drive Change Today

By Sharawn Connors - 2021-05-24

All of us at Micron are deeply upset by the recent killing of George Floyd and ongoing racial injustice. Such actions fly in the face of Micron’s core value for its people. Many of our team members have asked what they can do to take action and stand in solidarity. We share these actions externally so that you too can be an ally.

George Floyd should be alive today. Although the verdict convicting Derek Chauvin of his murder is a first step toward justice, there is a long way to go. If you want to take action, consider these 6 positive steps you can take today to influence change:

  1. Contact your elected officials and urge them to support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.
  2. Attend an online event. Many communities are holding online community events to engage in conversations about the situation, or to help you know how to talk to your children about what is happening. Check with your local community.
  3. Join Micron in contributing to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.  
  4. Learn more. If you want to better understand racial disparities in the criminal justice system, read this report about fair, safe and effective community policing.
  5. Speak up. If you’re confronting racism or microaggressions directly or if you’re an ally unsure of what to say, we’ve compiled talking points to help you have constructive conversations:
    • Ask for more clarification. “Could you say more about what you mean by that?” or “How have you come to think that?”
    • Separate intent from impact. “I know you didn’t realize this, but when you _____ (comment/behavior), it was hurtful/offensive because _____. Instead you could _______ (different language/behavior).”
    • Share your own process. “I noticed that you _____ (comment/behavior). I used to do/say that too, but then I learned ____.”
  6. Seek to understand, not to be understood. Racism is not new. Many have been researching and writing about solutions for a long time. Here are some resources that provide a greater understanding of race relations and racism:
Amit Gattani

Sharawn Connors

Micron’s Vice President of Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Sharawn Connors leads the DEI function within Human Resources that touches all aspects of the business, particularly attracting and supporting a diverse and talented workforce around the globe. Passionate about education and coaching, Connors is also an adjunct professor at San Jose State University and a mentor to first-generation and underrepresented college students.