Micron Employees Respond to 2020 by Giving $10 Million to Charity

By Dee Mooney - 2020-07-21

At Micron, we believe in helping those around us.

It’s in our vision. It’s in our values. And it’s especially vital during these unusual times.

So I am deeply proud to announce that team member giving and matching has hit an unheard-of milestone this year.

Aided by matching funds from the Micron Foundation, Micron team members have contributed $10 million across nearly 1,500 organizations, supporting the causes and charities most important to them.

In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, team members have devoted more than four of every 10 dollars to organizations involved with health and human services. This giving provides food and community support for people harmed by the pandemic in countries across the world: Germany, Malaysia, India, the U.S. and more. And it supports research that will improve our understanding of the coronavirus.

After the death of George Floyd, team members also gave to groups advocating to change a system that disadvantages people of color. And they gave to enable child care, education and other important programs in our Micron communities, among many other purposes.

We have worked this year to make giving easy and to magnify the power of our team’s donations. We increased our matching-funds budget to $7 million, more than twice what it was before, and individual match caps to $10,000, five times higher than when the year began. The Micron Foundation has double-matched all team member donations made in this calendar year, tripling the effect of their gifts. In May, we made it possible for team members in qualifying countries to donate their unused time off, an opportunity more than 1,000 responded to.

These steps produced results. Current giving in 2020 is nearly three times what the team member giving and matching program totaled all last year. And when combined with volunteering, nearly one-third of Micron’s more than 37,000 team members have participated in this company’s goodness efforts in 2020 — above the industry average.

That’s huge. And we believe we can do even better. Our goal this year is to reach 50% of Micron team members donating, volunteering or otherwise contributing to their communities.

I’m proud of what we are accomplishing in 2020. But even more so, I’m humbled by the chance to live our vision and enrich lives in our communities. This year is truly proof that each of us can make a difference.


Dee Mooney

Dee Mooney

As director of Micron’s global philanthropy since 2006, Dee Mooney drives Micron’s strategic giving programs aimed at advancing science and technology education and enriching life in our site communities around the world.