Heart of Micron: Utah Engineer Records ‘Melody of Hope’ to Uplift Team Members

By Martina Trucco - 2020-07-22

It wasn’t Anabil Chaudhuri’s idea to learn to play the violin — his dad gave him the instrument when he was 7.

Thirty years later, he no longer has to be prodded to practice. He plays several times a week because it makes him happy.

“It is a very efficient stress buster, and the meditative side of music helps me calm down and relax,” he said.

Chaudhuri, who is an engineer and process owner in Micron’s Metrology department in Lehi, Utah, had the privilege of studying classical Indian violin with two legends: Professor Sisirkana Dharchaudhuri and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

But his musical training didn’t end there. While earning his master’s degree in physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester, he studied western classical music with Professor John Fetter in the prestigious Eastman School of Music.

“Over time, through research and by blending Indian and Western style of violin playing, I developed a technique of violin playing that is very sound ergonomically and facilitates long duration of playing while maintaining neutral posture,” Chaudhuri said.

He composed a song called “Melody of Hope” to help Micron employees and others feeling overwhelmed by all that is happening in the world today, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the ongoing struggle for racial equality and social justice in the United States.

It is based on a “raga,” or mood, from Indian classical music called “Bhimpalasi.” The song has some low notes that touch on the current situation we are all going through, he said, but it transitions from darkness to light.

Chaudhuri worked on it over three weeks and then made a recording at Micron Utah.

“I thought our beloved workplace would be the most appropriate location and would help all team members to feel united under one roof in this difficult time,” he said.

Martina Trucco

Martina Trucco

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