Volunteerism Thrives Inside Micron

By Micron Foundation - 2020-02-14

The Micron team supports communities by spreading goodness to dozens of organizations with volunteerism throughout every year.

In the midst of a busy holiday season, employees found the time to help worthy causes in Japan, Taiwan and the United States, among other Micron sites, with a variety of hands-on activities.

The talented teams who volunteered in recent months will be joined by thousands of their colleagues in 2020. Micron set a global volunteer participation goal of 50% for calendar year 2020.

At Micron Gives, we facilitate the goodness our colleagues are putting into the world, augment it where we can and offer resources to help focus efforts in every city Micron resides and beyond. We’re inspired every month by the deeds our team accomplishes, which is reinforced by the growing volunteer hours we see — more than 150,000 from employees in the last fiscal year — as well as ever-rising matching donations and grants distributed by Micron Gives — more than $11 million in 2019.

Every month we also highlight a small sample of what Micron team members and Micron Gives are achieving together around the world. Below is a slice of our recent goodness activities:

28th Asian Art Cup

Members of Micron’s Taiwanese team volunteered at the 28th annual Asian Art Cup, a competitive event for 1,300 disabled athletes in Taipei.

The volunteers spent the day escorting athletes back and forth between events. People from 88 organizations serving people with disabilities participated in the games.

Taiwanese Micron employees escort athletes at the 28th Annual Asian Art Cup for people with disabilities in Taipei.

School Supplies for Children in Need

Micron Women’s Leadership Network (MWLN) members from two locations in Japan — Hiroshima and Tokyo — organized charity events to benefit students in need of school supplies.

The two groups combined to raise money for school supplies like stationery, protractors and set squares, then gift wrap the supplies and bring them directly to students.

The children were all part of a tutoring class free to students with economic challenges in Higashi Hiroshima City.

Learning Lab Literacy

In Boise, MWLN members built baskets to be auctioned off at the upcoming Learning Lab Literacy Luncheon Feb. 7.

Learning Lab is a literacy education center for low-income adults and families with young children. It teaches people basic skills in math, reading, writing and the English language.

The baskets were created from items donated by the MWLN members. The team handed the Learning Lab a donation check to go along with the baskets.

Street Sweeping

Two different outings by separate Taiwanese teams swept up debris in the streets of their communities.

One team swept up the Kong Guan area, while the other concentrated its efforts in Ho-Li Village.

Volunteers said they wanted to clean up their communities to create better spaces for their children and to help the environment.

Books for Africa

A book drive for Africa yielded more than 100 books from employees in Micron’s Minnesota site.

The drive was on behalf of Books for Africa, a nonprofit that collects and ships books to support literacy for students of all ages in Africa.


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