Heart of Micron: Micron Team Member Inspires Volunteerism by ‘Walking the Talk’

By Martina Trucco - 2020-08-11

Eri Teh was a young child when she got her first lesson in community service and helping vulnerable people of all ages. She watched her parents and their friends gather twice a year to deliver food to nursing homes and orphanages in Malaysia. At first, she was more interested in the “scrumptious” meal they always shared after their charitable work was done. But over time, she got involved herself, helping with the deliveries and interacting with the residents. Those experiences shaped her values.

“My perspective was gradually transformed, unknowingly,” Teh said after receiving praise for motivating huge numbers of Micron team members in Singapore to participate in volunteer activities inside and outside the company. “I learned to be grateful for what I might have taken for granted previously. My parents have inspired me to continue to contribute and give back to society, no matter how small the effort is.”

Teh earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the National University of Singapore a decade ago. She currently leads a team of seven in Micron’s Data Science Department, utilizing Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to, as she put it, “shape the future of manufacturing.”

In May, Teh rallied 1,700 team members to participate in a WeWalk-for-SG fundraising event supporting Singapore’s frontline workers. By translating their at-home walk to Micron donation-matching event, volunteers were able to support two charitable organizations: one that provides quality education for children in low-income families (Child at Street 11) and another that helps older people with mental health issues (Brahm Centre). Together, they raised $100,000.

“Micron volunteers clocked more than 50 million steps in total, enough to circle the globe,” said Boon Pian Yeo, who has been on Micron’s Corporate Social Responsibility committee with Teh for the past two years.

The May fundraiser was only the latest event Teh organized this year. In April, she led Micron’s effort to assist the government of Singapore in distributing reusable face masks. Within 24 hours, she worked with others to sign up 120 Micron team members to help. She always leads by example, and that’s a big reason why so many participate when she calls for volunteers.

“She walks the talk,” Yeo said, “and she brings out the goodness in people with her sincerity.”

Teh also volunteered to serve on a Micron Singapore Corporate Social Responsibility committee, which supports Micron Foundation events and volunteer activities in Singapore.

“She has brought up several good ideas and events that we held over the past year, including a foodbank drive and volunteer activities with elderly-focused organizations, especially during the Chinese New Year, National Day, whereby F10 team members registered themselves voluntarily to join in the celebration with the elderly,” said Desmond Sim, a Micron manufacturing director.

Never one to do only the minimum, Teh had team members draw on canvas tote bags that were distributed to aid recipients, wanting each to receive a personalized gift.

Teh even volunteers when she’s on vacation. During a 2018 trip to Australia, she did survey dives to help collect data on the coral reef for the government database, which will be used to develop marine conservation strategies. This is even more remarkable because she didn’t know how to swim and has aquaphobia, which is an extreme fear of water.

But Teh’s favorite charitable work is still delivering food rations to nursing homes and orphanages in her hometown. She continues to take part in this semi-annual tradition with her parents and extended family, including her siblings, nephews and niece.

“It’s a special family bonding time, a self-reflection time as well as a delicious mealtime,” she said.

Martina Trucco

Martina Trucco

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