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Pulling Together: Mike Bokan

By Martina Trucco - 2020-05-05

I wanted to get some insight into how we’re working with our customers and partners around the world during this crisis. So I sat down with Mike Bokan, senior vice president for Worldwide Sales, to find out. All Micron’s field engineers and sales people are in his team, giving him a truly global perspective.

The first thing I wanted to know was what we’re hearing from our customers. Bokan says that, just like us, they’re looking for information to help them navigate through this crisis. We’ve found that we’re actually reaching out more than ever before, making sure that we’re meeting each other’s human and business needs.

We have all become familiar with videoconferencing as it connects us to others. But Bokan said that this technology has even greater uses, connecting labs to each other. Micron and customer engineers are doing virtual experiments to keep new product qualification programs on track. This kind of innovation and creativity is very impressive and hints at a new normal — we won’t need to travel as much now that we’re gaining confidence in virtual platforms and becoming more comfortable using them. The time, cost and environmental benefits are huge.

I asked Bokan why Micron was still operating during this crisis. He said that, since we can continue to operate while protecting our team members, we must do so. Micron makes elements that are essential for the world — people are counting on us to power the things they need now more than ever to work, to learn and to stay connected.

And if there’s a silver lining, it’s the shared sense of purpose. We’re all in this together. Watch the interview and hear Bokan’s examples of how we and our customers are doing the right thing, together.

Bokan is proud to be part of these efforts and signed off by saying, “Thanks to all the team members who are doing such a great job in this difficult environment.”

You can learn more about how Micron is supporting our worldwide communities at www.micron.com/covid-19.

Martina Trucco

Martina Trucco

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