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Heart of Micron: Micron Team Member in the UK Sparks Effort to Prioritize Medical Orders

By Martina Trucco - 2020-04-16

The coronavirus pandemic is formidable and frightening — but one Micron team member in England found a way to help those on the frontlines fight back. Sarah Hunter, a customer sales operations specialist for the Global Supply Chain in Bracknell outside London, manages three European, Middle East and Africa distributor accounts. Her job is to work with different accounts to ensure that customer requirements are met.

She recently had a customer in Germany with an urgent need for medical products. She investigated and found out that the customer needed medical equipment (infusion pumps) in hospital intensive care units. Infusion pumps are used to deliver fluids, including nutrients and medications, in a controlled way.

Hunter knew she had to make it happen.

“I reached out to the tactical supply planning teams and the demand analysts, highlighting the end customer applications to ask them to pull in the dates for the particular orders,” she recalled.

She then worked with the supply team on solutions, and they discovered that they could offer the same part in different packaging types. She collaborated with many other teams to ensure expedited fulfillment.

Now all customer end applications are being reviewed across Micron so that medical orders can be prioritized. Hunter is now working on another health care-related order — COVID-19 home testing kits for patients in isolation. Home testing kits in development are more convenient, prevent sick people from exposing the virus to others and, in some cases, offer rapid results.

“It is difficult sometimes to be able to offer help and make a tiny bit of difference,” Hunter said. “For me, this felt personal. It felt like as a team we were fighting the virus, and even if this meant that five additional patients had ICU support, it would be worth it.”

The "Heart of Micron" story series shares human stories about Micron team members helping others and benefiting their communities.

Martina Trucco

Martina Trucco

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