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Micron in the Community: Worthy Causes Find Benefactors at Micron

By Corporate Communications - 2019-11-10

Nowhere in Micron is its culture more evident than in the giving, big and small, that team members participate in every month.

Across the globe, the people who work for Micron share a dedication to the communities where they work and live. Through volunteerism and gifts, the women and men of Micron make up a potent force helping to solve problems that are meaningful to themselves, their friends and their neighbors.

At Micron Gives, we facilitate the goodness our colleagues are putting into the world, augment it where we can and offer resources to help focus efforts in every city Micron resides and beyond. We’re inspired every month by the deeds our team accomplishes every month, which is reinforced by the growing volunteer hours we see — more than 150,000 from employees in the last fiscal year — as well as ever-rising matching donations and grants distributed by Micron Gives — more than $11 million and counting this year.

Every month we highlight a small sample of what Micron team members and Micron Gives are achieving together around the world. Below is a slice of our recent goodness activities:

The Robot Vision Cup

Micron Gives sponsored a student robot competition, the 2019 Robot Vision Cup, in Italy. The competition drew University of Salerno students who designed robots that can see and “think.” The students — enrolled in the university’s Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Applied Maths — designed, built and developed software based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms for a rover, which they then equipped with a camera.

The setup mimics sight and thought, which helps the rover to recognize signs and obstacles. Using its tools, the rover can drive autonomously on a road.

Sponsoring science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education at all levels is a priority for Micron, which has a vision to see meaningful technology careers accessible to everyone.

Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled

An internal group at Micron’s Singapore site, Micron Young Professionals Singapore, spent a day volunteering at the Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled. The home cares for 132 residents who suffer from intellectual disabilities.

About 25 volunteers set up and ran activities for residents — such as bowling, coloring, ball toss, musical chairs and karaoke — over a two-hour session. The MYPSG group, which regularly finds ways to give back to the Singapore community, had a lovely time making new friends.

Lymphoedema Support Network

Micron team members in the United Kingdom raised money on behalf of the Lymphoedema Support Network, a charity helping those who suffer from the chronic disease. Lymphoedema patients suffer from extreme tissue swelling due to a malfunctioning lymphatic system.

The team pledged money for Helen Hunter, who is diagnosed with Lymphoedema, as she hiked 67 miles across the Isle of Wight. An associated raffle brought in more funds.


An organized outing of Micron employees at the Vimercate, Italy, site joined the StraWoman event in Monza — a run-walk for women and male allies — to fight violence against women.

The proceeds for event registration went to the Economic Independence and Growth Opportunity (WE GO!) project, an international initiative to strengthen support services and promote economic independence for women suffering from domestic violence.

The participants brought friends and family, for a total of 34 people attending the event on behalf of Micron.

Children’s Wishing Well

Coworkers at Micron’s Singapore site spent an afternoon with children in Singapore’s Children’s Wishing Well charity, offering life lessons and fun.

Children’s Wishing Well offers services to children from low-income homes in Singapore, helping with education and basic living needs.

The Micron group took them shopping for groceries, teaching the children how to shop within a budget along the way. Afterward, everyone made slime together, a popular children’s activity.

Longmont Humane Society

The “Micron Mutts,” a group of employees from Micron’s Longmont, Colo., site, won first prize for raising the most money on behalf of pets in the area for the Longmont Humane Society.

The annual Paws in the Park event supports the local Humane Society shelter. The Micron Mutts have participated in the fundraiser for four years.

Corporate Communications

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