New Client SSD Brings 3D NAND Flash within Reach

By Tom Pratt - 2019-02-27

What’s the best upgrade you can make for your PC? Hands-down: switching to a solid-state drive (SSD).

A fast CPU + slow storage = a processor that spends a lot of time waiting for your drive to feed it data when it could be handling billions of cycles per second. Speed and capacity are even more critical on workloads with massive files, streaming images and multimedia use cases. Instead of legacy hard disk drives (HDD), fast flash in laptops and tablets accesses data almost instantly and provides significantly faster (up to 20X) read/write speeds.

SSDs boot up in seconds rather than minutes for HDDs, plus you load, save, and transfer files almost as fast as a click. With no rotating media, flash storage is hardier than legacy and exposes fewer parts to break down. It also helps keep PCs quiet and efficient. These help keep an organization’s mobile workforce on the go and productive.

Micron 1300 SATA SSD Stacks Them Tall

To start 2019 off right, Micron® is announcing a new ultra-price-efficient addition to our client computing SSD portfolio: the Micron SATA 1300 SSD.

Big applause for this significant achievement in Micron’s 3D NAND leadership. The Micron 1300 represents one of the industry’s first 96-layer, vertically tiered flash drives. It also leverages Micron’s state-of-the-art CMOS under the array (CuA) process and TLC (Triple Layer Cell) technology for increased density and slim, small profiles. As a result, the Micron 1300 SATA SSD can deliver up to 1TB capacities in M.2 and 2TB in 2.5” form factors.

To protect valuable data*, the Micron 1300 SSD includes asynchronous power-loss protection for data-at-rest and adaptive thermal monitoring, with optional Opal 2.0 self-encryption. Its familiar SATA interface enables an easy and graceful transition from legacy media. Advanced features, such as device sleep (DEVSLP) low-power modes, further extend battery life for extended mobile use.

Road Warriors and Others Rejoice

From mainstream desktops to corporate road warrior tablets, the Micron 1300 SSD delivers the speed and capacity needed to handle massive files, images and multimedia workloads. Its Micron-developed architecture and firmware delivers up to 530 MB/s reads and 520 MB/s writes at a competitive price.

The Micron 1300 SATA SSD is a good fit for video edit and capture in media/entertainment, as well as content management, point-of-sale systems, and general compute. Because of the ultra-price efficiency, it also offers benefits for government, higher education, and Point of Sale/Retail. For this industry, the small form factor storage and flash drive’s resistance to shock and vibration are attractive features.

SATA Makes Your Changeover Easier

As the client computing changeover from HDD to SSD gains speed, organizations often weigh multiple business and technology needs to convert in phases, at specific timing, for a graceful transition. The marketplace movement to NVMe will not be an overnight event, so SATA still plays a significant role in many organizations. I’ll also note here: Micron is the No.1 global player in enterprise and cloud SATA SSDs by market share. We bring the same high manufacturing and 3D NAND quality to SATA SSDs for laptops and tablets.

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By combining dense architecture with the SATA interface, the 1300 SSD series achieves price-performance ratios that make it our most accessible 3D NAND client storage yet. See if the Micron 1300 SSD is right for your OEM products.

Is This Handy?

We’ll continue to expand and refresh our client SSD portfolio to give you the upper hand with your storage challenges and workloads. OEM customers can expect proven controller and firmware design with consistent architecture for better performance, quality, and value.

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*No hardware, software or system can provide absolute security under all conditions. Micron assumes no liability for lost, stolen or corrupted data arising from the use of any Micron products, including those products that incorporate any of the mentioned security features.

Tom Kinsley

Tom Pratt

Tom Pratt is a senior project manager for Client SSDs.