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Micron Innovation is Fueling the Industrial IoT

By Aditi Sheth - 2018-09-10

The Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly evolving. From its roots as a means of machine-to-machine communication to its growth into a complex network of web-enabled devices, the adoption of IoT systems for businesses continues to rise. Micron is continuing to work within the industrial IoT (IIoT) segment to provide the memory and security solutions that enable this vast ecosystem, potentially unlocking the smart cities of the future.

“We were one of the first major memory companies to focus on the embedded market.” Brian Shirley, Senior Vice President of Emerging Technology Engineering said, of Micron’s success, pointing out that our continued reputation for innovation has helped establish us as a major player in the IoT space. “We used a broad product portfolio across multiple technologies, from legacy to cutting-edge, coupled with business and engineering focus on the key design specs to achieve high market shares.”

Recent successes have come to both Micron as a company and its leaders. Both Shirley and Scott DeBoer have recently made IoT ONE’s list of the Top 100 Industrial IoT Influencers, recognizing industry professionals who continue to impact IoT industrial markets. Both DeBoer, Executive Vice President of Technology Development and Shirley made this list because they both are focused on elevating Micron’s status as a major player in this space, helping to push forward the growth of the IIoT industry as a whole.

“It’s quite an honor to be named to this list, since the IoT space is so broad, dynamic, and growing in size and importance,” Shirley said.

Beyond providing storage solutions for vast amounts of new data, Micron is also crafting key innovations in an important component to the increase of IoT growth: security. As the proliferation of everyday smart devices become high-risk entry points for cyber-criminals, Micron’s Authenta™ technology provides a layer of defensive hardware reinforcements to our existing non-volatile memory sockets, without adding new components. This unique security solution has increased Micron’s value as a provider of memory for IoT devices, bolstering the company’s reputation for top-of-the-line memory innovations.

Shirley recognizes that Micron’s focus on the embedded IoT market is strengthened by the overall high quality of our products. “The credit for this recent success goes to our Embedded Business Unit,” Shirley stated. “As well as a lot of engineering resources in Design and Product Engineering working on memory designs that fit in smaller form-factors and work across wider temperature ranges, which all are good for high-performance IoT applications.” Our innovative technologies and our top-of-the-line products have been the cornerstones of our success.

By helping create the proverbial lock and key of the ecosystem of devices in the Internet of Things, Micron looks to expand its role as major player in the ever-expanding IoT sector. Both Shirley and DeBoer have both been at the forefront of Micron’s innovative solutions in providing the key components for the future of IoT for over 20 years.

Aditi Sheth