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Micron Ignite(s) Your Microsoft Solutions with Advanced Memory and SSDs

By Tony Ansley - 2018-09-19

Whenever I attend and staff the Micron booth at Microsoft Ignite, I inevitably get asked two questions:

  1. Who is Micron?
  2. Why is Micron at Ignite?

The first question is somewhat unsurprising being that Ignite is primarily a software focused event. In recent years, Micron has made a significant push to prove the value of our products – advanced memory and flash storage, among others – when used in real-world business solutions … software. We have created a very talented team of software and hardware engineers that truly believe that the best software is enabled by the best hardware.

So, why is Micron at Ignite?

Micron understands data. We understand the latest technologies used for storage: flash (SSDs) and DRAM (memory). We know how to design, build and optimize these technologies to provide the faster results and time-to-insights your business demands from your application workloads. Two primary workloads that are driving this industry are cloud and databases.

Data centers are migrating to cloud-based infrastructures faster than ever before. By deploying cloud-based infrastructures on-premises using virtualization products like Microsoft Hyper-V with Storage Spaces Direct, companies can integrate more easily with off-premises cloud services such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Micron has built optimized reference architectures for these Microsoft HCI infrastructures that will help you understand the unique value that SSDs can provide for these solutions.

Data - both structured and unstructured - are the backbone of today’s business success. Microsoft SQL Server is a leader in structured data management, hosting large data warehouses and OLTP implementations. Data warehouse solutions have typically relied on legacy HDDs to host the data, but datasets are becoming too big as we collect more and more information. Companies are finding that getting data into – and getting answers out of – their data warehouses cannot be done in a timely fashion. They need faster solutions without sacrificing the ability to grow capacity at the required rate. This is where Micron SSDs come into play. SQL Server solutions can see massive benefits from solid-state storage and memory technologies like SSDs and memory. Micron can show you the benefits of cost-effective SSD solutions such as our 5210 ION SATA QLC SSDs and how best to take advantage of even faster non-volatile solutions such as NVDIMM-N.

This is why Micron is at Microsoft Ignite. We want to share with you what we have learned about these Microsoft solutions and how you can take advantage of the newest enterprise technologies to make your software the best it can be.

Visit to see where you can learn more about Micron products used within Microsoft solutions. Stop by the Micron booth #209 to have an in-depth discussion about your requirements and learn how these products could benefit your solution.

Microsoft Ignite is Sept. 24-28 in Orlando, FL. I can’t wait to visit with everyone!

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Tony Ansley

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