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Unveiled: Micron Student Center at the University of Idaho

By Corporate Communications - 2018-10-30

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Micron Senior Vice President of Human Resources April Arnzen speaks to U of I staff, students and donors before the ribbon cutting.

Micron and the University of Idaho have long partnered to inspire and engage the talent of tomorrow through research, an endowed professorship, ambassador programs and many other activities - particularly with the university’s College of Engineering. On Friday, October 19, Micron Senior Vice President of Human Resources April Arnzen helped cut the ribbon on another resource for engineering talent, as the Micron Student Center was officially opened at the College of Engineering.

Made possible through a gift from the Micron Foundation, the Micron Student Center will provide key services and resources for students to help with course planning and registration, mentoring, internship and career guidance. These services not only help the existing students persist through the engineering curriculum, but also attract and retain engineering students, which is especially important for women and underrepresented groups that are less likely to consider engineering as an education and career option.

At the event, Arnzen shared how Micron works on the impossible every day. She credited the talented scientists, researchers and innovators with making Micron’s success possible and how critical it is to provide support to them, similar to the role the Micron Student Center will play on campus.

“As the person responsible for People at Micron, it is my mission to ensure our people can perform their best,” noted Arnzen. “To provide the culture and environment that allows people to thrive, the tools and resources they might need to achieve success and the right coaching so they can continue to grow and excel beyond their own imagination. As I think about my own mission at Micron and the mission of the Micron Student Center, I realize we have much in common. To do all in our power to unlock the full potential of the people we serve.”

Arnzen was joined by the Dean of the College of Engineering Larry Stauffer, staff members, ambassadors and other donors to the University of Idaho. A U of I grad, Arnzen also noted the university’s role in shaping her future career - ultimately rising to a senior executive of a Fortune 500 company.

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