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Micron accepted as OpenGCC Gold member

By Andreas Schlapka - 2018-10-01

On Sept. 18, 2018 CNBU Strategic Marketing team, Eugene Feng, Walley Zhang and I were invited to visit OpenGCC Secretariat office in Beijing and met with OpenGCC General Secretary Dr. Liu Zhihong and OpenGCC Technical Committee Chairman Prof. Yin Gang.

General Secretary Liu congratulated Micron for officially becoming a “Gold Member” of OpenGCC and for taking on an important role in the China Datacenter ARM ecosystem. Micron represents the only U.S.-headquartered Memory & Storage vendor on the consortium with a strong China based presence.

General Secretary Liu provided the foundation story of OpenGCC and its vision, mission and activities. Even through the translation it was a warm and friendly interaction. As a primary ARM server ecosystem industry alliance, OpenGCC membership now includes all ARM server CPU major software, operating systems, midware, virtual machine SW vendors and OEMs from around the world. This was impressive and relayed the importance of Micron’s participation.

Technical Committee Chairman Prof. Yin introduced the Open Source community, resource platforms and 3 major OpenGCC led ARM datacenter projects:

  1. A public OpenGCC ARM based cloud service based in E-Town Beijing.
  2. A joint public ARM testing cloud services with Shanghai based Ucloud which will host the first university ARM server design competition in November.
  3. A major ARM based public datacenter project in collaboration with Quizhou Provincial government and VC fund.

China is the most important ARM server datacenter ecosystem and Micron is a major participant of the ARM datacenter ecosystem. The membership and support of OpenGCC activities and projects are very important to Micron. We are looking forward to a productive and fruitful collaboration with OpenGCC and its member companies.

To me, this proved to be a valuable experience. It may be time to start the Mandarin lessons to actively participate and relieve Eugene and Walley in the translation exercise.

Amit Gattani

Andreas Schlapka

Dr. Andreas Schlapka is the Director of Networking in Micron Technology's Compute and Networking Business Unit. Dr. Schlapka joined Micron in 2009 and is responsible for the worldwide management of strategic and operational activities related to the Networking business segment. Prior to Micron, Dr. Schlapka was Head of Global Product Marketing for PC Memory at Qimonda AG and also served in various management roles at Infineon AG. Dr. Schlapka holds a PhD in Physics from the Technical University of Munich and a MSc in Physics from the University of York.