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Learn More about Micron Flash and Memory Technology at AWS re:Invent

By Tony Ansley - 2018-11-26


As we enter the week of Amazon’s AWS re:Invent, I wanted to drop a line to everyone highlighting how impactful Micron’s advanced DRAM and Flash products can be for your cloud infrastructure solutions. About a month ago, we published a whitepaper describing what we believe to be the key challenges for those considering a move to some form of cloud-based infrastructure … be that an off-premises, on-premises or hybrid-cloud deployment and how the right storage and memory can benefit those making this move.

Currently, Micron provides DRAM and Flash components to many of the biggest public cloud providers, major server vendors, and a myriad of extremely inventive channel partners. As such, we are in a unique position to help those who are considering, or in the middle of, a cloud implementation. In our whitepaper, we discuss three major challenges to implementing any cloud strategy and insights on meeting them:

  • Integration: One of the primary challenges that customers face when they decide to implement a cloud strategy is how to tie their existing application and server infrastructure with the cloud.
  • Performance: More efficient utilization of your on-premises resources is one of the primary benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure, but this raises many concerns about overall performance as you start sharing these resources.
  • Security: Whether you’re moving internal data and applications to an external cloud or ensuring that your on-premises cloud is secure from outside inspection, the storage solution needs to ensure that your data is safe.

While these are not the only challenges, we believe they are the most critical to success. I recommend that you download and read our whitepaper to get the in-depth analysis of each of these challenges and how Micron addresses each. The net takeaway is that Micron provides the state of the art, high-performance storage and memory components that are critical for maximizing the return on your cloud strategy. We provide a series of reference architectures that show you how best to think about on-premises deployments – especially when deploying a hybrid-cloud implementation. These reference architectures focus on infrastructures that combine virtualized compute, storage, and networking components that will support all types of application data needs.

Our CEO, Sanjay Mehrotra, has repeatedly highlighted how Micron’s technology is essential to the technological advancement for business. Cloud computing is one such technological advancement. Whether deployed as on- / off-premises or as a hybrid implementation, cloud computing may provide a simple, manageable way to reduce costs of ever growing IT responsibilities without major inflation of capital expenses.

“We believe the technologies and the products that we are developing will be transforming how the world and humanity work, live, learn and play.” - Sanjay Mehrotra, 21 May 2018

I invite everyone attending re:Invent to stop by the Micron booth #1235 and talk with our infrastructure and cloud experts about how we can make your cloud implementation better.

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