Micron at OpenStack Summit 2018: Unleashing the Power of Flash for Ceph Data Stores.

By Ryan Meredith - 2018-05-15

The 2018 OpenStack Summit starts next week and my passport is ready for travel to beautiful Vancouver, BC. This isn’t my first trip to the OpenStack Summit, you might recall my session from last year titled Micron’s Adventures in All-Flash Ceph Storage. In case you missed it you can view the recording here.

This year I am excited to be giving a session titled "Unleashing the Power of Flash for Ceph Data Stores: An All-NVMe Ceph Performance Deep Dive."

I will be discussing how the recent significant Ceph improvements, coupled with ultra-fast NVMe technology, will broaden the classes of workloads that are performant in the Ceph ecosystem. Few dispute the compelling speed and low latency of NVMe SSDs, but optimally harnessing that performance for I/O-intensive applications in shared VM storage environments is often non-trivial. I will discuss our work designing, deploying, tuning and testing the latest all-flash accelerated Ceph reference platform leveraging Micron 9200MAX NVMe SSDs.

In the session, we will:

  • 1. Explain our Ceph tuning and performance testing methodology across multiple IO profiles
  • 2. Provide hardware configuration guidance for achieving the right balance of CPU, DRAM and SSD storage
  • 3. Discuss the partner collaborations with Red Hat® on characterizing the effects on the tuning BlueStore Ceph Storage Backend
  • 4. Share best practices learned for tuning optimal BlueStore block storage performance
  • 5. Compare performance results of FileStore vs. BlueStore optimizations with all-NVMe Ceph Luminous clusters

If you will be at the OpenStack Summit next week, I hope you will plan to attend. The session is being recorded so if you can’t be there in person check back and I will post the recording.

If you have questions about my Ceph lab testing you can leave a comment below or reach me via email at

Until next time.

Ryan Meredith

Ryan Meredith

Ryan Meredith is a senior manager of Storage Solutions Engineering at Micron. He's worked in enterprise storage since 2007 for U.S. Bank, IBM and Gemalto. He currently leads a team focused on architecting and performance testing enterprise solutions using Micron's DRAM and flash technologies. He likes dogs, games, travel and scuba diving.

Ryan has a Master of Science in management information systems from the University of South Florida.