Top Five Reasons Micron Cloud Solutions Should be on your Horizon

By Andrew Braverman - 2018-06-29

Another in an endless stream of cloud computing blogs, you say? Hold on, good reader, I hope to deliver to you a little bit of a different spin on the topic, and poke around in some underlying IT infrastructure details you might not have considered. I promise I’ll keep it brief, even resorting to the Top Five format to which our “instant info only” attention spans expect.

Cloud computing may no longer the newest thing in IT, but for sure it has become the most important thing. This operating model has attracted and been embraced by organizations of all sizes for its Lego-like ability to easily, economically and contextually combine critical components to meet the needs of applications large and small.

At its core, cloud computing is dependent on storage technology – lots of it and in a variety of capabilities – to provide the necessary processing and data management backbone. This holds true whether you are a public service provider delivering resources such as compute, data storage and security to a variety of customers, or a private cloud implementor with a more critical eye on customizing your infrastructure. Whatever your situation - public, private or hybrid - having the right storage underpinnings is now a consideration that reaches beyond the commodity provider model to include both purpose-built solutions and value-added domain expertise. A fundamental principal of the cloud model is the ability to add more resources – compute, network, and storage – on the fly; the right variety of storage capabilities is key to reaching this state.

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So, now on to the Top Five Micron and cloud reasons I promised you earlier. As a point of fact, Micron’s been in the forefront of the cloud computing crescendo from the early days. We’ve assisted organizations of all stripes to improve their utilization of memory and storage technologies to deliver better economy, improved security, and enhanced performance to their cloud products and services.

I’m going to use some Micron terminology, so please stick with me as I get to the point. Here we go with some top five considerations:

  1. Cloud connected: Micron fast flash storage solutions are future proofed and architected with hyperscale provider technical specifications and infrastructure requirements in mind. They help enable the building of better apps by delivering optimized infrastructure and consistent performance and reliability.
  2. Sky-high efficiency: Micron data center technology allows maximum leverage of your investment in memory and storage hardware by ensuring low latency and high throughput, ultimately delivering optimal performance.
  3. Safer from storms: Micron secures data in our storage media with an XTS-AES-256-bit hardware encryption engine for data at rest, and insures data integrity with advanced error checking and correcting.
  4. Quiet, easy migration: Micron, along with our storage and application software partners, provides a simple and interruption-free upgrade path forward from legacy rotating media storage technologies, allowing for performance and availability optimization with little-to-no downtime.
  5. Flexible, reliable, scalable: Micron delivers solutions tailored for application-specific workloads, to share and adjust storage capabilities and cost based on application demands. A recent example was introduced at the OpenStack™ Summit.

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What do you get when you combine Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.0 and the Micron 9200 MAX solid state drive? We created a new reference architecture to help you make your own blazingly fast OpenStack cloud storage and content distribution operating model. How fast? 2 million IOPS in 4U. Things get even more interesting when you look at the cost angle and consider Micron’s new quad level cell (QLC) technology, resulting in the best bang for the buck in read-intensive applications.

Finally, the wrap. Not every cloud implementation or application requires the same type of data storage requirements or memory performance attributes. Micron offers both technology and expertise to tailor your cloud storage solution to your exact use case and capability requirement. Micron storage and memory experience and knowledge help you select, implement, maintain and migrate storage and memory for cloud infrastructures of virtually every shape and form.

Andrew Braverman