Micron ships over 150K Automotive Grade LPDDR4 Devices

By Barbara Kolbl - 2018-06-20

When Micron announced the availability of the automotive grade low-power DDR4 (LPDDR4) memory back in March of 2015, it was an industry first. Today, Micron LPDDR4 can be found in the next generation ADAS and IVE systems in many of today’s automobiles. To accomplish this, Micron was required to understand the next generation application memory requirements and work closely with customers to design in this leadership technology.

Micron’s Automotive LPDDR4 solutions introduce new energy efficiencies while providing twice the bandwidth of LPDDR3, making it an important technology for enabling next-generation automotive applications. LPDDR4 enables data transfer rates up to 4.266 GT/s, which provides greater peak bandwidth than LPDDR3 while using less energy per bit than LPDDR3. The faster I/O rate delivers speeds up to 3200 Mb/s which supports displays with up to 4K resolution with 3D graphics in automotive infotainment systems, in addition to supporting the requisite memory bandwidth associated with compute intensive SOCs for advanced ADAS capabilities which address collision avoidance and enable safer driving. Micron’s LPDDR4 products were designed to meet the industrial temperature (IT) range of –40 to 85°C and the automotive temperature (AT) range of –40 to 105°C, and extended (UT) range of –40C to 125°C, which is the highest operating temperature range in the industry.

As the recognized industry leader with over 28 years’ commitment to the automotive market and DRAM memory, Micron’s automotive qualified LPDDR4 products offer the density, performance and power to address the demands of the highest-performance automotive applications.

Bruce Franklin

Barbara Kolbl

Barbara Kolbl is the strategic marketing communication manage for Micron’s Embedded Business Unit, with a focus on automotive, industrial and consumer market segments.