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Join the Webinar: Figuring TCO for Flash in the Data Center

By Wendy Wheeler - 2017-11-28

Make the case for SSDs in the data center with real-world numbers

Here’s a puzzler. While storage architects and data center managers are focused on the many benefits of enterprise flash and solid state drives (SSDs), legacy hard disk drives (HDDs) are still much more prevalent. Why? A Forrester survey of U.S. storage managers in January 2017 indicated acquisition cost is still a barrier in moving from HDD to SSD. Yet prices have reached a tipping point and purchase price is only half the picture.

eWeek logoFor a free, live eWeek webinar on December 5 at 1 P.M. ET, Micron Technology has gathered a virtual panel to talk about “How real-world numbers make the case for SSDs in the data center.” Storage experts from Micron, Forrester Consulting and Content 4 IT will review both direct and indirect costs of enterprise storage technology − from fewer drives, less power consumption, to lower software license costs.


Join the live webinar for the opportunity to do Q&A with the experts. Is adding flash to the data center or moving to all flash a trend for only the largest IT shops, for example? Or is flash just for high performance computing? What elements should go into a rigorous cost and performance estimation tool?

Our premise is that lab tests and customer experiences show that SSDs can improve IT agility and application performance to bring real value across a broad variety of business workloads in most cases. A survey completed by Forrester earlier this year of data center managers who are using some enterprise flash storage shows that they’re already reporting significant benefits. Join us to hear Norman Forbush cover the respondent demographics and the key survey results.

Survey results

You’ll get the example of Anna and John, two enterprise IT managers with different workloads and applications, so their TCO and performance expectations will vary. Doug Rollins will detail how best to measure and demonstrate the total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits that SSDs bring to applications and workloads. For organizations who must justify their move to SSDs, this will be invaluable. See why TCO should be structured around your applications and workloads and use a third party, like the SNIA’s public, standardized enterprise performance test specification-based data, to ensure comparisons are repeatable and verifiable.

Plus, the webinar will introduce you to Micron’s Move2SSD TCO Tool, which is now live.

Don’t just guesstimate SSD benefits – you can better back up your budget plans with accurate, consistent data. See how real numbers based on test lab results can help you make more confident storage purchase decisions.

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Wendy Lee-Kadlec

Wendy Wheeler

A strategic communicator in Micron’s Storage Business Unit, Wendy Wheeler writes about digital transformation strategies like flash storage, AI, and the IoT.