Memory and Storage for L5 Autonomy from Automotive JEDEC Forum

By Federico Tiziani - 2017-11-06

European car makers, Tier 1s, SoC vendors and memory vendors came together at the Automotive JEDEC meeting in Stuttgart to discuss leading edge memory and storage solutions targeting the next challenges of autonomous driving.

Two key aspects raised during the forum were the high memory bandwidth requirements driven by the increasing performances on autonomous driving architectures moving to L5 and the high storage requirements driven by the huge amount of data to be managed by HD Maps, Black box, etc.

To handle the performance requirements of L5 autonomous driving, Micron is proposing GDDR6, which will need to meet the strict automotive quality requirements. To manage the nonvolatile storage requirements of 5G networks, HD maps and Black Boxes, Micron proposed PCIe/NVMe which has the industry proven support and aligns with the demand of performances and storage.  

Federico Tiziani

Micron also addressed the connected security concerns in automotive. Federico Tiziani, Sr. Segment Marketing Manager, presented the analysis and solution to cope with these challenges in the presentation “Automotive Security: Non-Volatile Memory in Automotive Systems.” He raised the risk associated to attack surfaces and vulnerabilities in current car architectures and in the product life cycle and how to strengthen system-level security using the latest announced Authenta™ technology which was introduced a few months ago. The technology will provide a unique level of protection for the lowest layers of device software in automotive ECUs, starting with a secure boot process.

Beyond Micron’s main contribution to the standardization activities at JEDEC in different committees (GDDR/DDR, LPDDR4/LPDDR5, NOR/SPI and eMMC/UFS) Micron is one of the key companies involved in the automotive requirements standardization, aiming to inject and summarize every requirement related to the automotive market needs in different memory and storage devices.


Amit Gattani

Federico Tiziani