SSD data centers are inevitable, smart and affordable. But don’t just take our word for it.

By Eric Endebrock - 2017-03-15

It’s interesting to watch the velocity at which technology progresses, in many cases at an exponential rate that is both thrilling and mind boggling. How does one disseminate the vast amount of new technology information and decide what is crucial for the success and growth of their business? For years, the experts at Gartner have helped organizations and business leaders to do this very thing - evaluate the latest IT trends, and understand how they affect an organization, and one’s individual professional growth.

Micron is currently hosting a complimentary piece of Gartner research that explores the business benefits an organization can realize by utilizing flash storage in the data center. We invite you to download the report, titled “Moving Toward the All Solid-State Storage Data Center”. It analyzes the world of data center storage, its evolution and the evaluation criteria being used by IT organizations.

This report becomes especially relevant when we consider the enterprise data center and how we see flash storage helping to address business challenges, drive costs out of the data center and prepare for the future:

  • Historically, the wide-spread adoption of flash storage in the data center has been met with some reluctance due to the misconceptions about price, etc. But dropping costs and advancements in enterprise-level SSD reliability and performance are creating compelling SSD TCO statistics, and paving the way for greater SSD adoption in the enterprise.
  • The enterprise data center of the future is one that is able to accommodate line of business requests and also deliver value to IT. Flash storage supports this in several ways. Whether it be a reduction in sprawl, smaller footprint or less energy consumption, the transition to flash storage is changing the way a data center functions –enabling it to move from a supporting role to a strategic role in an organization.
  • The incorporation of new technology that will allow organizations it to access and analyze data faster and enable informed decisions based on that information. To paraphrase IBM's Mac Devine: In the past data was like gold—only for the privileged few. Now, he said, data should be treated more like oil, where its value comes from its use, and it being leveraged to solve problems.  Gartner supports this by making suggestions to the evaluation criteria an organization uses when considering new technology.

Clearly, future data center will be supported by flash storage.

The Gartner report is a powerful proof point, with some crucial additions to your storage evaluation checklist, as you move your own organization toward a full SSD data center environment.

Gartner “Moving Toward the All Solid-State Storage Data Center”, Valdis Filks, Refreshed: 21 November 2016 , Published: 10 March 2016

Eric Endebrock

Eric Endebrock

As Vice President of Storage Solutions Marketing for Micron Technology, Eric is responsible for positioning Micron as a world-class enterprise brand for the storage ecosystem.

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