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Driving Memory Awareness in Government

By Barbara Kolbl - 2017-06-28

ITI Tech Show 2017

The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) in Washington D.C. is the global voice of the tech sector. Last month they hosted ITI’s 4th annual Tech Show. This was an opportunity for students, policy makers, influencers and tech enthusiasts to get hands-on experience with the newest tech, apps and gadgets from the biggest names in tech. The STEM Showcase portion brought students face-to-face with emerging innovations. Micron, along with other ITI Member companies, displayed interactive exhibits as experts interacted with the students, expanding their knowledge of STEM, future career opportunities, and technology’s use in our everyday lives. The premier Tech Show and reception in the evening was well attended by Members of Congress, high-level Administration staff, congressional staff, industry VIPs and tech influencers around the city.

Besides raising awareness of Micron, we highlighted a new Micron technology capability Authenta™. Using Authenta in critical applications enables the system to verify all code and file systems that reside in flash memory today to thwart malicious advanced persistent threat attacks. At the ITI Council, we demonstrated how flash memory with Authenta capability can add secure boot functionality to a broad array of electronics in a car either where ECUs don’t have the technology resources to do so, or the ECU is looking for additional resources to decrease boot time while adding secure boot capabilities.

ITI Tech Show 2017These are all critical needs in automotive ECUs today and have become hard requirements to measure and as the industry is moving to the broad adoption of open interfaces such as OTA (over the air updates) where, without the appropriate level of security, the system is very vulnerable to being hacked. With the advent of the Authenta technology, Micron will be able to play a critical role in this evolving cybersecurity requirements with our new secure memory approach and add a significant level of defense-in-depth to ECUs and other critical IIoT applications.

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Barbara Kolbl

Barbara Kolbl, senior product line operations manager, is fascinated with the changes memory is driving in the automotive industry. Her previous role in marketing communication for the automotive market segment along with her current role in LPDRAM operations allows her a front row seat to the changes happening in this dynamic market.