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By Ann Allyn - 2017-07-28

Data Growth Driving the Need for Higher Storage Performance 

Are you a storage infrastructure decision maker or someone who is driving an IT related business outcome dependent on critical storage solutions? If so, this recent report should be on your “must read” list. It’s authored by leading industry analyst firm IDC, and is titled Data Growth Driving the Need for Higher Storage Performance. The report will provide you with valuable insight regarding ways to use innovative technology to respond to the challenges that come with ever-increasing data storage and management demands.

Digital Transformation Driving Increased Use of Flash

This research, conducted world-wide, not only captures metrics around the rate of data growth for which organizations must plan, but discusses the drivers, concerns, and associated storage technologies that address not only today’s needs, but provide ways to deliver a viable path for handling your inevitable data explosion.

The results in the report cover key business drivers, including the need for faster, higher capacity and more efficient data storage and retrieval. As IT professionals look to drive critical business impact such as improved profitability, differentiation of products and services and perfection of the customer experience, flash storage technology becomes a key component for serious consideration.

What I found most interesting were the many examples that IT managers provided regarding how they can quantify increased efficiencies using flash storage. These are not just operational (though crucial) reduction in call center response times, but also significant improvements in “big data” analytic application performance by using flash. The report also evaluates the added value that NVMe™ brings to organizations of all types. This includes high bandwidth and the ability to more quickly move larger data sets – surveyed as a mission critical task for a large percentage of those polled.

The future of data storage and management, including enhanced capacity, access speed and affordability is here right now. But don’t take my word for it ̶ download the IDC report and see how your colleagues are solving their issues, practically and economically, using available storage solutions.

Amit Gattani

Ann Allyn