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Flash Memory Summit: Get Your Storage on the Highways, Not in the Ditch

By Barbara Kolbl - 2017-07-24

Until now no one bragged about how much storage their car had, instead the focus was on better brakes, better entertainment systems or more horsepower. Now people want to know if the storage is big enough, rugged enough, safe enough for them. Micron will be moderating a session at the Flash Memory Summit Aug. 8th, learn firsthand what it takes to get your storage solutions in the car and on the road. Speakers include:

Requirements for Non-Volatile Memory in Automotive Applications, Mr.Huonker, Daimler
Automotive applications have many specialized requirements for non-volatile memory. According to Daimler, lifetime, write cycles, data retention, diagnosis, and quality are among the key needs. Daimler predicts that performance and size requirements will change dramatically over the next few years. For example, HDDs will be largely replace by UFS or SSDs utilizing the M.2 form factor.

Autonomous Driving - the Next Gold Rush, Mr. Robert Bielby, Micron Technology, Inc.

Today, one of the most talked about technology trends is autonomous driving. The promise of the self-driving car is driving large scale bets being placed through acquisitions, investments & consolidations. Micron will elaborate on memory solutions, which to date have already played a key role in enabling ADAS applications and in-vehicle-infotainment, are moving into the forefront in their importance as they directly affect next generation autonomous systems or in-vehicle-experience to realize the of real-time compute performance with near zero latency solutions at memory bandwidths of > 200 GB/s. Non-volatile memory technology plays a key role in enabling these hi-performance lowpower systems. Micron, a leading provider of memory technology for the automotive market is continuously investing in the optimization of memory solutions enabling the needs of today and tomorrow’s automotive market.

Open to all FMS attendees, the sessions will be held Aug. 8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center - - covering the issues, opportunities, and challenges vehicle designers, producers and suppliers face in data capture, storage, communication and personal safety/security.

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Barbara Kolbl

Barbara Kolbl is the strategic marketing communication manage for Micron’s Embedded Business Unit, with a focus on automotive, industrial and consumer market segments.