What do fast cars and fast storage have in common?

By Doug Rollins - 2017-02-22

When I was younger, I had friends with fast cars. Kids with fast cars like to see just how fast they are. Now that I have a few (well…many) more years of wisdom, I still appreciate fast – but differently.

We were having a discussion with our Storage Solution Engineers about our Micron S650DC and S630DC 12Gb/s SAS SSDs and while we knew that they were fast, we all want to see how fast. We wanted to see what our customers could do with them and how much of a game changer they really could be.

We picked a tough application workload (OLTP in Microsoft SQL Server) to explore the performance edges of these SSDs in a tiered storage configuration. We used a compact platform: the DataON CiB-9224 V12 Cluster-in-a-Box and installed four S650DC SSDs as the cache tier and sixteen S630DC SSDs as the capacity tier. We tied it all together with Scale-out File Server on Server 2012R2. 

The results were impressive.

OLTP, Order Per Minute by Node Count

With one database server, we generated just under 350,000 orders per minute. With two, just under 660,000.  

This combination of S650DC and S630DC SSDs is impressive, smoothly scaling as we added database servers. By the time we added the fourth database server, the platform was delivering just over a million orders per minute.

A million orders per minute with less than 50ms average latency. Imagine what this type of performance could do in your data center – the possibilities are a little mind blowing. 

This all reminds me of my buddy Steven and his 1960s Sunbeam Tiger. I should give Steven a call – the weather is getting nicer. I wonder how fast the Tiger goes these days...

Doug Rollins

Doug Rollins

Doug Rollins is a principal technical marketing engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on enterprise solid-state drives. He’s an inventor, author, public speaker and photographer. Follow Doug on Twitter: @GreyHairStorage.