How to future-proof Apache Cassandra with NVMe SSDs.

By Doug Rollins - 2017-12-13

Very Large Data Should Be More Than An Archive

When we scale a data set – either locally or in the cloud, through expanded sources, deeper analytics, online/real-time results, medical trials and research and a host of other sources – performance is imperative. Without massive performance, a massive-scale data set is little more than an archive. The data can just sit there. In storage. Doing nothing useful.

Small-scale data sets are easy. Small enough to fit in available memory? Performance is straight forward – load it into memory and go. Storage system capability is less important.

Immense data sets are harder. As our data sets grow, a dwindling percentage of it affordably fits into memory, generating a troubling trend (Figure 1).

Growing data sets, less fits into memory

Combining immense data with our constant demand for faster and more detailed analytics drives us to do more.  We need to add fast, high-capacity storage to the mix. Apache Cassandra™ combined with NVMe SSDs can help.  When our data set is too large to fit into memory, fast storage is imperative.

Growing data sets need storage performance

Cassandra’s ability to support massive scale combined with multi-terabyte, high IOPS NVMe SSDs builds high capacity NoSQL platforms offering extreme agility and extreme capability.

Transform Data Into A Strategic Asset

High capacity, high performance SSDs with NVMe can produce amazing results with Cassandra. When you scale your local or cloud based Apache Cassandra deployment, you can get more out of it with NVMe SSDs.

Want to learn more?

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Doug Rollins

Doug Rollins

Doug Rollins is a principal technical marketing engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on enterprise solid-state drives. He’s an inventor, author, public speaker and photographer. Follow Doug on Twitter: @GreyHairStorage.